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HDPE geomembrane with smooth surface

HDPE geomembrane with smooth surface
HDPE geomembrane with smooth surface
HDPE geomembrane is manufactured via triple co-extrusion technique by the most advanced automatic equipment which is imported from Italy. All the productions are manufactured according to US GRI standards and ASTM, complete specifications with superior quality.


Our HDPE geomembrane is produced by PE resin and adding carbon which is in nanometer grade and other additives. Compared with other materials, our HDPE geomembrane is with good anti-aging, UV resistance, oxidative stability, chemical erosion resistance and bio-enzyme degradation resistance.Single-sided textured geomembrane is with advantages of both smooth and double-sided textured geomembrane. Due to its large friction coefficient, our HDPE geomembrane is without any slippage during construction and under using.

1.High anti-seepage ratio-HDPE impermeable membrane has excellent anti-seepage effect which the common water proofer can not compare, it's recommended in high anti-seepage request projects.
2.Chemical Stability-HDPE impermeable membrane has excellent stability, resist acid and alkali,salt solution,oil,alcohol etc,widely used in sewage water treatment project/garbage landfill.
3.Anti plant root system:HDPE impermeable membrane has excellent anti-puncture effect, it can resist the most of plant root system.
4.Aging resistance-HDPE impermeable membrane focus on quality,it has superior aging resistance/uvioresistant/anti decomposition.
5.High Mechanic Strengh-HDPE impermeable membrane has high mechanical strength, is the first choice for power construction project/water conservancy project.
6.Low cost-HDPE impermeable membrane has obvious cost advantage which is the best production for anti-seepage projects.
7.Environmental protection formulation-The raw material of HDPE impermeable membrane reach the related national standards, innoxious, can be applied in drinking water pool etc.
8.Rapid construction-HDPE impermeable membrane can be laid via multiple ways to meet different construction requirement.
1.Environmental protection, sanitation (such as solid waste landfills, sewage treatment plants, power plants Chi-conditioning, industrial, hospital solid waste, etc.) .
2.Water (such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs of the anti-dam, plugging, reinforcement of the canal seepage, the vertical wall of the heart, slope protection, etc.).
3.Municipal Engineering (subway, on the ground floor of the building, planted roof, the roof garden of anti-seepage, sewage pipes lining, etc.). 
4.Landscape (man-made lake, river, reservoir, golf courses reservoirs of the substrate, slope protection, green lawn of the waterproof moisture, etc.). 
5.Petrochemical (chemical plants, oil refineries, gas storage tanks of the anti-chemical reaction tanks, sedimentation tanks of the lining, etc.). 
6.Mining (washing and pool heap leaching, the ash-field, dissolved, precipitation, the yard, the tailings seepage substrates, etc.) .