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HDPE geomembrane

HDPE geomembrane
HDPE geomembrane
HDPE geomembrane is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene resins. The surfaces of both sides are smooth or Textured .the products are manufactured by the technology of coextrusion-blown triple layer.


HDPE geomembrane ,made of virgin resin by special production ,is a kind of waterproof material with basic raw material of high molecular polymer,has even and smooth surface on both sides.It is especially designed for flexible geomembrane.When it comes to quality consistency, product range and best service to the customers,We have successfully handled various projects with hazardous chemical waste landfills, municipal solid waste landfills, large water bodies, containment bodies and other environmental applications.

1.Good physical and mechanic performance
2.High tearing resistance, strong deformation adaptability
3.Puncture-resisting, aging resisting, ultra-violet radiation, oil and salt, and corrosion resistance
4.Good adaptability to high and low temperature, non-toxicity, long service life
5.Good waterproof, drainage, anti-seepage and damp proof effects
6.Complete width and thickness specifications, low cost and easy installation.
1.Environmental protection, environmental hygiene(such as garbage landfill site, treatment of sewage,  containment of poisonous or harmful wastes, hazardous warehouse, industry wastes, construction & explosive rubbish, etc)
2.Water conservancy(such as waterproofing, stopping up leak, reinforcement for lake, river, channels, tunnels, dams and reserviors; vertical wall with core, slope protection, etc) 
3.Municipal engineering(expressway, subway, underground engineering of building;  and liner of roof pool, roof garden's waterproofing, sewage channel, etc)
4.Garden(backing & slope protection of artificial lake, pool,  golf course's pond)
5.Petrochemicals(liner secondary lining of chemical reaction tank and deposit tank from chemical plant & refinery; seepage control of oil tank from gas station)
6.Mining (backing seepage of washing pond, heap leaching pond, ashery, dissolved pond, deposit pond from the stack and tailing)
7.Traffic facilities(highway foundation reinforcement, culvert stopping up leak) 
8.Agriculture(stopping up leak for reserviors, drinking pools, storage ponds and irrigation system)
9.Aquiculture industry(seepage control for sea cucumber circle's slope protection, liner of fish pool & shrimp pond)
10.Seepage, corrosion, leaks control & reinforcement for other facility, leachate collection
11.Temporary container structure, prefabrication of special parts