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High quality woven geotextile

High quality woven geotextile
High quality woven geotextile
High quality woven geotextile is made from PP (polypropylene),it has many advantages,such as light weight, high strength,ow elongation, easy to construct. It can be widely used in areas of railways,highways,sport fields, earthwork projects,tunnels,coal mines, walls and slopes, environmental protection, and so on.



High quality woven geotextile is mde from polypropylene , by at least two sets of parallel yarn (or flat wire), a group of longitudinal (fabric) in the direction of the marching along the loom warp, another group of horizontal layout called weft.Out in different knitting equipment and technology will warp and weft interweave together woven cloth, according to the using range of different woven into different thickness and compactness, longitudinal and generally with thin woven geotextile has considerable tensile strength (longitude) is greater than the latitude, has the very good stable performance.

1.Suitable for reinforcement of fine-grained soil
2.Further reinforcement works as a separator and filter
3.High tensile strength at low elongation
4.High level of microbiological resistance
5.High resistance to damage during installation



1.The reinforced effect: used in highway, railway, airport, dam, embankment slope, retaining wall backfill soil and rock engineering,such as edge vicious dispersive soil stress increase soil modulus and limit soil slip, improve stability.
2.Protection: prevent the bank from wind, wave, tide and rain erosion, and used for bank protection, slope protection, bottom protection, prevent water loss and soil erosion.
3.The filter function: used in dam, dam, the river and coast stone fast, slope, retaining wall filter layer, prevent sand grains, and allow the water or free air to pass through.