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Orange Plastic Safety Fence

Orange Plastic  Safety Fence
Orange Plastic  Safety Fence
Orange Plastic Safety Fence,This product is not only light weight per unit area, and superior mechanical properties, widely used in building grassroots, packaging paper bag ribs; dimensional vegetation-based network, plant stand network; road maintenance with a safety net; garden fence, home decoration.




Orange Warning Safety Fence 
Material:HDPE with UV stabilized 

Orange Plastic  Safety Fence


Plastic orange safety fence is used for construction sites and snow fencing .The most popular color is orange.




Manufactured from PE

U.V Stabilized with the rectangular mesh type,oval mesh type and diamond mesh type .


Usually packed in rolls in plastic film bags with labels inside,and loosely loaded into the container.




ITEM Mesh Size(mm) Weight(G/M2) SIZE Material
SR100-06535 65x35mm 100g/m2 1x50 m PE
SR200-06535 65x35mm 200g/m2 1x50 m PE
BR80-10040 100x40 mm 80g/m2 1x50 m,
1.2x50 m
BR200-08040 80x40mm 200g/m2 1x50 m PE
V-BR110-10040 100x40mm 110g/m2 1x50 m PE
V-DM320X05050 50x50mm 320g/m2 1.2x15 m PE
V-SR500-08065 50x50mm 320g/m2 1.2x15 m PE
BR120-10040 100x40mm 120g/m2 1 x50 m PE
BR160-10040 100x40mm 160g/m2 1 x50 m PE
SR160-6535 65x35m 160g/m2 1.2 x50 m PE
BR160-9040 90x40m 160g/m2 1 x50 m PE
BR080-12040 120x40m 80g/m2 1.2 x50 m PE
SR240-6535 65x35m 240g/m2 1.2 x50 m PE