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Woven weed mat
Woven weed mat is woven from durable, high-modulus polypropylene yarns into competent, robust, dimensionally stable geotextiles. Woven weed mat is available in varying tensile strengths and hydraulic properties to suit particular project demands.
PP non woven weed mat
We are one of the leading Nonwoven Landscape Fabric manufacturers in China, being in this field for over 10 years we operate 15 PP Spunbond lines (160, 185, 220, 240, 320 cm widths). We can specially offer 0.015M to 36M width Nonwoven Fabric which is widely used in Health, Hygiene, Medical, Packaging, Agriculture, Furniture Upholstery, Shoes and Garments.
PP non woven fabric
We are professional pp non woven fabric manufacturer in China with nearly 10 years’ experience in nonwoven fabric field.High quality eco-friendly polypropylene spunbonded nonwoven fabric
Nonwoven Landscape Fabric
Nonwoven Landscape Fabric is made of 100% polypropylene.It is permeable for air and sun lignt.It is non-toxic and environmentally-friendly.We can produce water-resistant fabric and water-hydrophile fabric.
Landscape fabric
Color: conventional products : dark green, white cloth professional production of sales cold landscape fabric , cold cold cloth , cold green cloth , green woven, non-woven cold , lawn woven, non-woven winter
Non-woven Landscape fabric
Our Landscape Fabric is a 1.5oz / 3oz., UV Stabilized, Non Woven Polypropylene fabric.
Woven Weed Mat
Our Landscape Fabric is a 3oz / 3.2oz., UV Stabilized, Woven Polypropylene fabric. It is a strong heavy fabric, which allows it to be more resistant to tearing, puncturing and weed penetration
Non Woven Weed Mat
Our Landscape Fabric is a 1.5oz / 3oz., UV Stabilized, Non Woven Polypropylene fabric.
Capped Woven
Capped Fabrics are high quality landscape fabrics of a poly woven-needle punched construction
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