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Non-Woven Geotextile
Non-woven geotextiles come in a variety of weights ( ounces per square yard) to meet the needs of the application. The light-weight non-woven geotextiles are most often used for drainage, soil separation, and reinforcement.
Non-Woven Geotextile
The filtration layer of the dykes, river canal, seacoast, concrete slope, retaining walls. At the same time of preventing the clay granule from passing, it allows the water and the gas pass through freely.
Polypropylene geotextiles
Polypropylene geotextiles Special polypropylene geotextile fiber, often used for landfill greening projects, it is very wearable and waterproof.
Spun-bonded geotextile
Spunbonding is one of the most popular methods of producing nonwoven fabrics. Spunbond fabrics are used in the carpet, furniture, medical and geotextile industries.
Nonwoven Geotextiles
We offer a complete range of geotextiles including nonwoven, woven, monofilaments, composites and high strength materials. Custom roll sizes, sewing and other geotextile fabrication services are available upon request.
Non Woven Geotextile
Our Non Woven Geotextiles are comprised of strong polypropylene or Polyester staple fibers.
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