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Geotextile fabrics
Geotextile fabrics,Type: Geotextiles Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland) Brand Name: NEWTECH Geotextile Type: Woven Geotextiles
Geotextile fabric
Geotextile fabric,PP spunbond nonwoven geotextile fabric 1.UV anti nonwoven fabric 2.Free sample 3.Prompt delivery 4.Good service
Polypropylene non woven fabric
olypropylene non woven fabric is widely used in the fields of water conservancy, hydroelectric power, roads,railways,ports,airports,sports stadiums,tunnels,coastal beach, land reclamation,environmental protection and so on. They played the roles as isolation, filtration,drainage, reinforcement, protection, and sealing.
PP non woven geotextile
Non woven geotextile is widely used to separate,filter,reinforce, protect or drain.It allows filtration or separation of granular layers in roads and rail applications,used to protect membranes in landfill applications,used in coastal defence applications and used in landscaping to protect surfaces and structures from weeds and root growth.
PP spun bonded non woven geotextile
PP spun bonded non woven geotextile is made from PP(polypropylene) short fiber . It has good properties, good flexibility, resistance to corrosion, acids and alkalis, and anti-oxidation,Good separation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, protection and maintenance function,Easy and convenient for installation.It has function ofisolation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, protection and maintenance etc.
PP non woven fabric
PP non woven fabric provides excellent physical properties,such as eco-friendly, Breathable, Anti-Pull, Tear-Resistant, Shrink-Resistant,wear-proof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, sun-proof, mildew-proof and worm-proof. excellent water permeability, high tensile strength and shock strength, non-toxic and harmless.
Woven geotextile fabric
Woven geotextile fabric is made from polypropylene flat film yarns.It can be widely used in areas of railways,highways,sport fields, earthwork projects,tunnels,coal mines, walls and slopes, environmental protection, and so on.
Needle-punched non woven geotextile
Needle-punched non woven geotextile with various indicators of quality, with good stress -- strain and toughness, seepage performance and uniformity, and width, etc., And is applicable to roads, water, rail, mining dams, rivers, airports and other civil engineering, anyone in the works played reinforcement, segregation, filtration, filtration, drainage, and then extend the project life, reduced cost and easy construction, and it is easy to ensure the quality of the project.
PP woven fabric
PP woven fabric is a kind of geotextile made by extruding, cuting film,stretching to  film yarn (monofilament, split-film yarn) ,weaving.It is widely used in dam, tunnel, reservoir, channel and roofing for anti-leakage, It laso used in scrap yard protection.
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