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Woven slit film geotextile

Woven slit film geotextile
Woven slit film geotextile
Slit film woven geotextile is weaved by heavy pound single filament(warp yarn) and network filamment(weft yarn).It has high tensile strength, high punctruation ,low enlongation and good waterpower characteristic.it can be used for slopesea bankbeachroad train soft base etc.it has the function of reinforcement isllationfiltrationdrainage



Woven slit film geotextile is an economical solution for any civil engineering applications. It separates, stabilizes, and reinforces soils and allos allows for filtration. Woven geotextiles are manufactured by extruding polypropylene film and then slitting the film into individual yarns which are then woven to form the geotextiles
1.Woven Geoxtextiles are from high UV, non-biodegradable polypropylene tapes.
2.Resistant to sun, soil chemicals, mildew and insects.
3.Speeds construction, reducing overall costs.
4.Increases life of paved and unpaved areas.
5.Suitable for use with riprap.
1.Construction of roads and other trafficked areas (excluding railways and asphalt inclusion)
2.Construction of railways,
3.Earthworks, foundations and retaining structures,
4.Use in drainage systems,
5.Erosion control works (coastal protection, bank revetments),
6.Construction of reservoirs and dams,
7.Construction of canals,
8.Construction of tunnels and underground structures,
9.Use in solid waste disposals,
10.Use in liquid waste containment projects.